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Films & Awards


Films & Awards

Films and Awards


After Munich

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September 5th 1972, the Palestinian terrorist group Black September stormed the Israeli athletes’ quarters at the Munich Olympics. The world watched live on television.

For the first time, this story is told through the eyes of four women. It’s a story of intrigue; secret identities; it’s about love and death; conflict and reconciliation; war and peace. Their fates redirected. Their well-being and views impacted by the trauma. 

September 5th marked the anniversary of the Munich Massacre of eleven Israeli athletes and we completed filming our documentary film looking at how that day in September changed four women’s lives forever. 

"The grey space is carved directly into a grassy hillside, evoking an open wound. In this way, the Munich 1972 Massacre Memorial, opened on Sept. 6 2017, is emblematic of the pain that has endured for many since that year’s Olympic Games, when 11 members of the Israeli team and one German police officer were killed by members of the Palestinian group Black September."

From the NY Times:

This film is supported by the Canadian Media Fund and will be broadcast in Canada on Documentary Channel and was broadcast to mark the anniversary of the tragic event in September and Société Radio Canada in French next year. Stay tuned for the next broadcast.

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Mr. Bernstein

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After Debbie hears about her father's life-changing musical experience in a refugee camp, she tracks down the famous conductor years later, with unexpected consequences.

Debbie sais depuis l'enfance qu'un événement musical a bouleversé la vie de son père alors qu'il était dans un camps de réfugiés. Longtemps après, elle retrouve le chef d'orchestre qui présidait à cet événementprovoquant une suite inattendue à cette histoire.  


"Francine Zuckerman’s extraordinarily charming time-shifting short…you won’t see a more marvelous 12-minute tribute to one of the giants of American music."

- The Independent, New York

Short Film, 12 minutes


Winner of ‘Best Drama’ at the Toronto International Film Festival
Winner of Best Short Film,Screen Writer's Awards, New Zealand
Nominated for Best Cinematography in Dramatic Short, CSC Award
Nominated for Best Editing Dramatic Short, Canadian Cinema Editor's Award
World premiere at Palm Springs Short Fest
Screenings include: LA ShotFest; St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival and New York Jewish Film Festival, Film Society at Lincoln Center; San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.



We Are Here

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We Are Here is about how a country, a people, a community and individual families are impacted by the events of World War II. This groundbreaking new film excavates the fragile, shaky rebirth of Polish Jewish life in the shadow of the Holocaust. 

“Although it focuses on Jewish people in Poland, the message that we should all find pride in our heritage, no matter what it is, makes this worthwhile viewing for everybody, regardless of background.”

- Toronto Film Scene

Documentary, 81 minutes

Premiered at DocEdge New Zealand Doc Film Festival; Berlin Jewish Film Festival; Warsaw Jewish Film Festival; Polish Film Festival, NYC; Laemmle,Theatre LA; Sydney Jewish Museum, Australia; JW3 London; Cinema du Parc, Montreal; Royal Cinema,Toronto; VanCity, Vancouver; Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Cinematheques.



The Atwood Stories

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Based on the short stories of world renown Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, this is a series a six short half hour films by six different women directors. Co-produced by Z films, the series features the diversity of Atwood’s vision and voice. The stories include: Polarities, Betty, The Man from Mars, Death by Landscape, Isis in the Darkness and The Sunrise. Zuckerman co-wrote and directed The Sunrise.

"Atwood’s short stories are wonderfully funny. rich and dark”

- TV Guide

Series, 6 x 24 minutes

Nominated for Gemini for Best Series.
Premiered at FIPA (Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels)




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Evocative, passionate and poetic. Passengers is a compelling and moving exploration of the relationship between a daughter and her father as she matures from childhood to adulthood. 

“…a skillfully impressionistic 15 minutes memory trip…beautifully evoked in almost wordless imagery.”

Toronto Star

Short Film, 15 minutes

Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and then toured the world.




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Exposure- Environmental Links to Breast Cancer explores how toxins and radiation in the environment are one affecting our health. Hosted by Singer, actor, and breast cancer survivor, Olivia Newton-John. 

"This crisp and groundbreaking documentary tackles a disturbing environmental threat to our health, and does it with clarity, passion, and visual verve."

-Toronto Star

Documentary, 53 minutes.

Winner of best Health Documentary at the New York Film & Video Festival. 



Punch Me In The Stomach

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Adapted from the successful 36 character off-Broadway play, Punch Me in the Stomach, is the triumph of one man a Polish born concentration camp survivor, as told by his comedienne daughter, Deb.

"Extraordinary work, extraordinary story teller...We laugh, we weep"
- The Village Voice

Feature Performance, 72 minutes

Premiered at the London International Film Festival and then screened around the world.



Half the Kingdom

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In this provocative documentary film, Half the Kingdom, seven remarkable Jewish women from Canada; the United States and Israel , strive to find common ground between religious and cultural tradition and contemporary feminist principles.

“A bracing inspiring film film about equality and social change.”

- San Francisco Chronicle

Documentary, 58 minutes

Invited to participate in more than twenty international film festivals
nominated for a Gemini for best direction and best documentary
Gold Apple Award
Red Ribbon Award


In Development


The Edible Woman

A television adaptation of the groundbreaking first novel by world renowned Canadian writer, Margaret Atwood. Set in Toronto, in the mid 1960’s, this film tells the story of Marian McAlpin (late 20s), whose safe, carefully crafted world includes a promising career, a good circle of friends and a perfect fiancé, Peter, a successful lawyer. When a hipster, eccentric English student comes in the picture, he introduces Marian to a new world full of music, poetry, sexual liberation and inspires Marian to challenge her prescribed ideas of womanhood.

 Witty, subversive, hilarious, The Edible Woman is dazzling and utterly original. It is Margaret Atwood’s brilliant first novel, and the book that introduced her as a consummate observer of the ironies and absurdities of modern life.

Atwood has the magic of turning the particular and the parochial into the universal."

The Times (London)


The Viennese Letter

Chris Estima, a young Canadian writer has discovered a love-letter at the Naschmarkt in Vienna sent from an Austrian Third Reich soldier to a Jewish woman, and sets out on an international journey, from libraries to gravestones, to answer all of her questions: how deeply did they love? How hard did they fight to stay together? What did the war take from them? And did they ever see each other again?

A Canada- Austrian co-production.


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"To record the world as it is. To set down the past before it is forgotten. To produce order out of chaos. To delight and instruct. To paint a portrait of society and its ills. To express the unexpressed of the masses. To name the hitherto unnamed. To defend the human spirit and human dignity and honor. Because to create is human. Because to create is Godlike. To serve Art. To serve History. To subvert the establishment. To celebrate life and all its complexity. To praise the Universe. To allow the possibility of hope and redemption." - Margaret Atwood



Francine Zuckerman




Francine Zuckerman and her company Z films inc. has produced a wide range of films and television programs with an emphasis on adaptation from fiction and theatre, social documentary and performing arts as well as short films.
As writer, producer and director, Zuckerman has won numerous awards and her work has been recognized at film festivals around the world.

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