Z films at Festivals

Our new film Mr. Bernstein premiered in 2016 at Palm Springs Short Fest and then went onto LA ShortFest; St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival and Toronto International Short Film Festival and winner of ‘Best Drama’. Mr. Bernstein screened in New York City at the Film Society at Lincoln Center as part of the New York Jewish Film Festival, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival; San Diego Jewish Film Festival; Brussels Jewish Film Festival the Toronto Jewish Film Festival to Winnipeg, Canada. It just screened in San Francisco and Los Angeles and to Hong Kong on November 5th Vancouver November 3rd and 6th (we will be in attendance)  Australia on November 1st and 13th in Melbourne and November 13th in Sydney and then London on November 23rd.

Read more about Mr.Bernstein in Huffington Post and The Independent Magazine. 

Z films happening now

"The gray space is carved directly into a grassy hillside, evoking an open wound. In this way, the Munich 1972 Massacre Memorial, set to open on Sept. 6, is emblematic of the pain that has endured for many since that year’s Olympic Games, when 11 members of the Israeli team and one German police officer were killed by members of the Palestinian group Black September."

This week not only marks the forty-fifth anniversary of the Munich Massacre of eleven Israeli athletes but also the beginning of our documentary film project looking at how that day in September changed five women’s lives forever. 

From the NY Times:

"Among the most poignant elements of the exhibition are the personal effects, one for each victim, that were photographed for the memorial. Werner Karg, an official in the Bavarian ministry of culture, said it was unfortunate that haunting images of masked terrorists were more prominent in the public consciousness today than the memories, and the faces, of the victims. The memorial, he said, could help change that."

This film will be a Canada-Dutch co-production in collaboration with Windmill Film with the support of the Canadian Media Fund and will be broadcast in Canada on documentary channel in English and Radio Canada in French. 

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Ankie Spitzer

Ankie Spitzer

Marianne Gladnikoff

Marianne Gladnikoff

Esther Roth-Shahamarov

Esther Roth-Shahamarov

Z films in development

We are pleased to announce The Edible Woman, our feature film received development funding from the OMDC; The Aftermath received development funding from documentary, Canada and CMF and we are seeking funding for our new documentary The Viennese Letter with writer Christine Estima.

Z films on the move

Z films has been to IDFA in Amsterdam and Berlinale pitching our new film projects. We attended the European Documentary Market dinner in Berlin and met with commissioning editors for our new feature doc, The Aftermath and partners for The Edible Woman.  We recently followed up at the Sheffield Doc Market . We are gearing up again for IDFA in Amsterdam in November, so looking forward to meeting there.

Thank you to the Export Fund OMDC for supporting us.